As CFO of a company with significant “growing pains”, we have people in roles that they may not be equipped to fill. I selected Robin Szeliga as an executive coach because she has senior management experience, certification as a Professional Coach, and understands our challenges – mine in particular.  She is very insightful, and there is no wasted time with her coaching because she “gets it”.  I highly recommend Robin as an executive coach!”​

Florine N, CFO

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The Right Action 5 Step Process helps our clients​​
1. Identify their destination/goals
2. Detect and Remove any roadblocks
3. Create a strategic roadmap
4. Ready themselves for the journey
5. Take the Right Action

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Beliefs
​When we start with the end mind, create the Right Plan and take the Right Actions, we get the Right Results.
Effective Executive/Leadership coaching encourages a focus on both Practical Application and Thoughtful Introspection.

We have the answers we seek within us; however, our environment or circumstances may obscure that insight.

Coaching is an effective and efficient tool to gain clarity and align with  organizational vision, values and goals.

Our Approach is

Grounded in proven coaching practices.
Tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.
Structured to perpetuate
growth and learning after the coaching journey is completed.
Action oriented.

Executive and Leadership Coaching